2 Year-Old Girl Dies When Knocked Out of Mother’s Arms in Saugus, MA.

A mother was carrying her 2 year-old daughter while leaving the Family United Methodist Church in Saugus, MA this past weekend. 

Bystanders said that the girl was getting into a car with her mother when the accident happened. The wrongful death investigation is currently in progress, and local police have not yet released information as to exactly how the little girl died. 

An initial report suggests that the mother was standing next to her car with her baby in her arms when she reached in from the passenger side and turned on the ignition to start the car’s air conditioning.  The vehicle then suddenly lurched forward and the child flew out of the mother’s arms and landed on the pavement. 

The toddler was fatally injured and was pronounced dead at the Massachusetts General Hospital soon after the accident.  No criminal charges for her death have been filed at this time.

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