Drunk Driver Kills Grandmother, Pregnant Woman and Child in New Jersey.

A driver in Jefferson, New Jersey was involved in a fatal car crash that took the lives of a grandmother, a pregnant woman and her eleven year-old daughter.

The family was driving on Route 15 on August 24, 2013, returning home from a family barbeque.  The driver’s name is Luis Torres, from Jersey City.  There were nine passengers total in the vehicle at the time of the car accident.  Seven of the passengers were ejected upon impact. The grandmother Lucila Colon and granddaughter Tevia Booth were both pronounced dead at the scene. Julissa Colon sustained severe personal injuries and was transported to the Morristown Memorial Hospital emergency room where she and the fetus both died shortly thereafter. Torres and the remaining passengers were taken to St. Claire’s in Dover to be treated for a range of moderate to severe personal injuries.

Police say Torres told them that he was speeding on the roads he did not know very well.  He was relaying on his global positioning system due to his unfamiliarity with the area.  Torres drove too closely to another vehicle, and attempted to swerve to avoid crashing.  Due to swerving, he lost control of the vehicle, flipped and crashed it into a nearby house.  Torres’ admissions make it clear that he is a responsible driver.  He told police he was at least twice the legal limit of blood alcohol content because he was drinking beer throughout the day.  He said he smoked marijuana the day before, and brought some to the barbeque that day.

Torres was charged with multiple counts of aggravated manslaughter, vehicular homicide and assault by automobile.  He was taken to the Morris County Jail.

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