Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Airline For Failing To Land After Passenger Became Severely Ill.

A South Carolina woman was on an American Airlines flight on her way home from Hawaii to Texas. About half-way through the flight, Brittany Oswell, 25 years-old, who was accompanied by her husband, began to feel ill. Her husband noticed something was wrong, but believed she was having a panic attack. Brittany then began slurring her speech. She subsequently fainted. When Brittany woke she went to the bathroom where she began vomiting and defecating uncontrollably.

After checking in on Brittany, a private doctor on the plane informed the flight attendant of her poor condition and to tell the captain that they needed to get to the nearest airport, as soon as possible, for medical treatment. After a brief conversation between the captain and the airline’s doctor, a decision was made to continue on to Dallas. Once they landed, Brittany was rushed to the Baylor Medical Center and placed on life support for three days before doctors declared her brain dead. It was determined that she had a massive blood clot which caused he death.

Christopher and Tina Starks, Brittany’s parents, along with her husband have since filed a wrongful death lawsuit against American Airlines alleging that it was the negligence of the airline, primarily the captain’s refusal to land the plane after being informed of Brittany’s condition and also citing broken medical equipment on the plane, that were the primary causes of her death.

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