Family of California Man Shot by Police Receives $162,000 in Wrongful Death Suit.

Boston, MA Wrongful Death LawyerThe San Diego, CA City Council has settled a wrongful death suit and has agreed to pay more than $162,000 to the family of a mentally ill man who was shot to death by the police.  Alan Kosakoff, thirty five years-old, had not been taking his medication, and he sped away from police officers as they tried to stop him for a minor traffic violation in August of 2007.

Kosakoff engaged the San Diego police in a high-speed chase that ended with Kosakoff pulling his car into his mother’s garage.  Kosakoff then backed up and hit an officer who had opened the car door.  Officers then fatally shot Kosakoff in the head and leg, believing that he was trying to run them over.

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