Ford Motor Company Ordered to Pay Over 30 Million Dollars in Injury Damages and Medical Expenses in Wrongful Death Suit.

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There are more motorists and vehicles on the road today than at any time in human history. That is generally a good thing, but not always. Cars, after all, are two metric tons of metal that can easily reach speeds of over sixty miles per hour. As such they are capable of inflicting tremendous bodily harm. Not only can the negligence and carelessness of a vehicle’s driver cause serious harm, but the negligence of a vehicle’s manufacturer in making a faulty car can lead to similar dire consequences. Defective vehicle components and faulty parts can significantly aggravate, and even cause, the injuries sustained in a car accident.

A Texas jury recently ordered the Ford Motor Company to pay Jennifer Garcia’s family $30.4 million in damages for its involvement in her death. Jennifer was driving with her parents in their Ford F-150. At that time, they were suddenly and violently struck by one Hazel Scaman, a passing motorist, causing their pickup truck to roll over. The force of the collision was serious enough, but making matters even worse, the Garcia’s truck’s roof collapsed when the truck rolled over. This resulted in serious brain injuries to Jennifer. She was unresponsive at the scene, and was immediately rushed to the Valley Baptist Medical Center-Harlingen, where she fell into a deep coma. After eighteen days, Jennifer died. She was only sixteen.

Arguing that the truck’s roof was defective and thereby failed to properly protect her, Jennifer’s family sued the Ford Motor Company. A jury found that Ford was 90% responsible for Jennifer’s injuries and subsequent death, and ordered them to pay her family for medical expenses and all other damages.

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