Logger in Washington State Crushed to Death By Falling Log.

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Under the law, many different relationships exist that require a duty of reasonable care to one or both of two separate parties. The employer-employee relationship is one of these types of relationships.  Employers are required by law to take reasonable precautions to ensure that their workers are kept safe on the job.  When that duty to protect an employee is breached, and an employee is injured or killed on the job as a result, employers may be held responsible.

One such type of employment is logging.  Logging jobs are found almost exclusively in the northern parts of the United States, where evergreen trees are plentiful.  Removing these trees may seem like a simple task, but it is far from completely safe.  Heavy machinery is required to bring down the thousand pound trees.  Each day is filled with hazards, and even the most cautious worker can fall victim to a logging accident.  Unfortunately, the statistics speak for themselves.  In 2012 alone, 81 workers in the timber industry were killed on the job, while more than triple that number were hospitalized for serious injuries.

On January 10, 2014, Erin Van Brocklin, a 41 year-old logger from Washington, was killed when a log rolled down a steep hill and crushed him to death.  At the time, Mr. Van Brocklin was employed by the B&M Logging Company.

According to the police report, Van Brocklin was working alone in a somewhat isolated area when the accident happened. The one witness to the accident was part of a crew that was preparing to move recently cut timber onto another ridgeline. That witness told police that he was helping to set up equipment when he heard Van Brocklin scream.  When first responders arrived at the heavily wooded area, Mr. Van Brocklin was already gone.  The falling log had caused major head trauma and killed him.

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