Murder Suspect Attempts to Flee and Crashes Stolen Plane.

Forty year-old Brian Hedglin was suspected of murdering his former girlfriend, 39 year-old Christina Cornejo, in Colorado Springs, Colorado last week. Cornejo’s body was found at a residence where police were doing a welfare investigation.

Hedglin had dated the victim for four years and was recently arrested for allegedly harassing her. At the time of Cornejo’s death, Hedglin was free on a $10,000 bond.

Police were searching for Hedglin when he went to a local tiny airport in Utah and hot-wired a SkyWest Airlines regional jet. Hedglin is a pilot who was on leave from the regional airline. He got the plane started, but then clipped the wing and crashed the airplane into a fence. He then shot himself dead before police authorities arrived.

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