Parents Of 29 Year-Old Who Died From Overdose While In Police Transport File Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

A parent’s worst nightmare may very well be the unexpected loss of their child. While no amount of money will be able to replace their child, a wrongful death lawsuit may be the only way for a family to begin to recover from their loss. The expert wrongful death attorneys at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates have decades of experience fighting for our Massachusetts clients and have been successful in recovering millions of dollars in damages for our clients over the years. So please contact one of our personal injury attorneys right away for a free consultation so that you can learn what legal remedies you may be entitled to.

The parents of Sam Dunn, a 29 year-old man who died of an opioid overdose while in the back of an Essex County, Massachusetts Sheriff’s Department transport van in January 2016, filed a wrongful death case Tuesday in federal court. In the wrongful death complaint, the parents allege that two Essex County correctional officers ignored their son’s need for emergency medical treatment, resulting in his death.

Mr. Dunn spent the final five and a half hours of his life shackled in the back of a Sheriff Department transport van, unresponsive and loudly struggling to breathe. According to the lawsuit, Mr. Dunn was ignored by sheriff’s deputies Patrick Barry and John Nguyen who were transporting him. The lawsuit alleges the deputies failed to get Mr. Dunn readily available medical treatment that could have safely reversed the toxic effects of the opiates in his system. The transport van was parked outside of the Massachusetts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center (MASAC) in Bridgewater for more than three hours because the facility was in lockdown.

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