Police Investigating NY Skydiving Fatal Accident.

Chappaqua, NY real-estate broker David Winoker and his instructor, Alex Chulsky, died while skydiving in celebration of his friend’s birthday this month.

New York police are still looking into the cause of the skydiving accident.  Evidence shows that the instructor, Chulsky, suffered a neck injury while jumping and lost consciousness soon after his parachute opened.  He was not able to control the parachute for the inexperienced jumper.

Investigators say that it is possible that Winoker’s helmet may have hit 25 year-old Chulsky in his neck.  The neck injury may have been internal or external.  Both Chulsky and Winoker, 49 years old, died from the impact of hitting the ground after the parachute went into an uncontrollable descent.

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