Widow of Police Recruit Killed in Training Brings Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

The widow of a Norfolk, Virginia police recruit is pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, claiming that her husband died of injuries he sustained while training at the police academy.

John Kohn died in December 2010 while training at the Norfolk police academy.  An autopsy report noted that punches to Kohn’s head during self-defense training and a collision with another police recruit “may have played a significant role in Kohn’s death.  In response to that report, Kohn’s widow filed a lawsuit seeking wrongful death damages against the city of Norfolk, claiming that the city and its police academy were responsible for Kohn’s death.

The Supreme Court of Virginia has agreed to hear the case, and oral arguments will like be schedule in June or September.  The Supreme Court will determine whether the lawsuit can proceed to trial under the Virginia Workers Compensation Act (VWCA).  This widow is appealing the issue after Circuit Judge Mary Jane Hall ruled in May 2013 that the VWCA did not cover the death because it was an injury caused by accident.

The plaintiffs are represented in the case by attorney Steve Emmert.

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