Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against LAPD For Slaying of Mentally-Disabled African-American Man.

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Fifty-one years after Dr. King proclaimed his dream to the world, we are still fighting against racial inequality.  From Rodney King to Trayvon Martin, African-Americans continue to feel the sting of racial profiling.  These cases, while prominent, represent a much larger issue in our country today.  In addition, incidents of police brutality have taken center stage with racial profiling, thus creating a whirlwind of public outcry for justice.

In August of 2014, 25-year-old Ezell Ford was walking on West 65th Street in south Los Angeles, California.  He was mentally ill.  At the time, he was living with his parents, Edzell and Tritobia Ford.  While he was walking down the sidewalk, Mr. Ford was approached by two Los Angeles police officers.  One of the officers was Asian-American and the other was Latino.

According to a lawsuit filed by Ford’s parents, the officers stopped him, even though he was not committing a crime.  After he complied with the officers’ requests to lie on the ground, the lawsuit alleges that they shot and killed him for resisting arrest.  Finally, the lawsuit claims that the officers knew that Mr. Ford was mentally ill and acted with gross negligence.

In addition to the two officers, the lawsuit names as defendants the City of Los Angeles and the LAPD for inadequate training of the two officers.  The Ford family has filed the wrongful death lawsuit in federal court seeking punitive damages, in addition to money damages for severe emotional distress, mental suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. They are also seeking compensatory damages for funeral costs, legal fees and expenses.  In total, the Ford family is seeking $75 million in damages.

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