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Massachusetts Wrongful Death Claim FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) With Respect to Massachusetts Wrongful Death Claims

Who Usually Files a Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

In Massachusetts, preference is given to the parents, spouse and children of the decedent to file a Massachusetts wrongful death lawsuit. If the deceased is not survived by any immediate family members, then grandparents, grandchildren or other close relatives may be permitted to file for damages. If the decedent left a will, then the Massachusetts wrongful death claim is generally brought by the executor or executrix as specified in the will. If the decedent died without a will, then a court will appoint a family member to bring the claim.

My Loved One Suffered Wrongful Death at His/Her Place of Work. Am I Still Entitled to Compensation?

If your loved one was killed while working, your right to sue may be limited. According to Massachusetts law, if the deceased elected to take Massachusetts worker’s compensation benefits from his or her employer, he or she gave up the right to sue the employer in the event of an injury or death. Furthermore, family members of the deceased will not be legally entitled to file a Massachusetts wrongful death claim, although they may file a claim against the employer for the emotional suffering they experienced as a result of the employer’s negligence that led to the Massachusetts wrongful death.

However, if the employee’s wrongful death occurred as a result of a third party’s negligence, rather than the negligence of a fellow employee or his or her employer, a Massachusetts wrongful death claim may be brought against the third party. For example, if the person who died on the job was killed by a defective piece of machinery, the manufacturing company of the defective product, the third party, may be held liable for damages to the decedent’s family.

How Much Can Family Members Expect to Recover in a Massachusetts Wrongful Death Claim? Will the Monetary Recovery Be Greatly Reduced by Attorney’s Fees?

The amount of financial compensation a jury awards to the survivors of Massachusetts wrongful death victims varies widely from case to case. It depends on the details surrounding the injury resulting in the wrongful death, which a skilled Boston wrongful death lawyer can help you determine and effectively present to an insurance representative or jury at trial.

In many Massachusetts wrongful death claims, more than one family member is eligible for financial compensation. Massachusetts law provides for the recovery in Massachusetts wrongful death claims to be distributed proportionally among the surviving family members. This means, for example, that if the decedent leaves behind a spouse and two children, the spouse will receive one third of the damages and each of the two children will also receive a third. The money that is recovered in Massachusetts wrongful death claims is initially kept in a statutory trust fund managed by the representative of the decedent’s estate who is responsible for distributing the money to the statutory beneficiaries.

If the wrongful death victim was partially at fault for causing his or her injury, it may be ruled as constituting what is known as contributory negligence. The recovery available to the beneficiaries will then be reduced by the proportional percentage of fault of the deceased. Surviving family members will not be able to recover any compensation if it is determined that the decedent was more than 50% responsible for the accident that caused his or her death. Our expert Massachusetts wrongful death lawyers understand how contributory negligence is calculated and will work to reduce your loved one’s percentage of fault so that you recover the maximum compensation that you need and deserve.

A person who chooses to represent himself or herself in a claim, without the assistance of a lawyer, may only recover about 20% of the actual value of their claim, a small fraction of its actual worth. An experienced and highly skilled Boston wrongful death attorney is in a much better position to negotiate with insurance companies. Our expert Boston, MA wrongful death attorneys will help you obtain the full monetary settlement you deserve. Legal fees are only a third of the money you recover. Therefore, retaining a Boston wrongful death injury lawyer is cheaper than trying to represent yourself.

Will I Have to Pay Any Money Up Front?


Our Boston wrongful death attorneys always work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not have to pay us anything unless and until we recover money for you.

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When you have lost a loved one in a Massachusetts wrongful death accident, you probably have many questions that deserve answers. An expert Massachusetts wrongful death attorney can provide you with the legal counsel you need to ensure that you get fairly compensated and that all negligent parties are held responsible for their wrongdoing. The Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates are dedicated to providing high quality legal services to individuals across Massachusetts. We provide all potential clients with a confidential initial case evaluation at no cost. Our Massachusetts law office is located in Boston, MA and has successfully represented thousands of clients throughout the Commonwealth.

Our Boston, MA wrongful death personal injury attorneys are proud to represent Massachusetts wrongful death injury clients from throughout the Commonwealth.

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