Family Of Former NFL Great Junior Seau Drops Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against League.

With the recent insights into the adverse effects that multiple concussions can have on long term health, fans and players alike have been imploring the National Football League to explore options that would reduce impacts directly to the head. NFL players are frequently concussed, and the overarching fear is that these concussions will one day culminate in the development of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease commonly found in athletes.

CTE is so harmful that it reportedly has caused more than one former NFL player to commit suicide after the disease spread. This was the tragic case for former New England Patriots’ player Junior Seau, whose family attempted to sue the NFL for Seau’s wrongful death. The allegations linked the concussions that Seau suffered during his playing time to his development of CTE and subsequent suicide. The family was represented by attorney Steven Strauss of Cooley LLP.

Junior Seau’s family has, however, announced that they will settle out of the court with the NFL, officially dropping their wrongful death lawsuit against the league. With the family of Seau initiating legal action against the league, it will be interesting to see how many others follow suit. One possibility is that the threat of litigation from the families of former NFL players will catalyze the league’s efforts to make the sport safer, particular with regards to blows to the head.

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