West Virginia University Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit Involving Fraternity Hazing For $3 Million.

Fraternity culture has been the subject of increased scrutiny over the last several years. Attracting particular attention are the hazing ceremonies, in which new members of the fraternity are forced to participate in various activities, often involving heavy drinking. The danger of such practices has been well documented, as new fraternity members have died while participating in hazing rituals. In such a situation, it would be wise to contact an expert wrongful death attorney at 617-787-3700.

According to recently published court documents, the estate of Nolan Burch, a West Virginia University student who died during a fraternity-related event, has agreed to settle its wrongful death lawsuit against the University for $3 million. The documents identify the Kappa Sigma Fraternity as a party to the lawsuit, and the complaint alleged that Burch died during one of its pledge events.

The fraternity, the University, and the landlords of the property on which Burch’s death occurred, all payed out sums to Burch’s family, while two individual members of the fraternity also paid out undisclosed sums. Although the exact details surrounding Burch’s death are not known, it is clear that heavy drinking played a major role, as one of the fraternity members who contributed to the settlement was identified as having given Burch a bottle of liquor on the night in question. Burch’s estate was represented by Brewer and Giggenbach, PLLC, a Morgantown, WV law firm.

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