Family Of South Carolina Woman Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against American Airlines, Citing Negligence Of Staff.

The most pressing concern for airlines is, of course, the safety of their planes and protecting passengers. There is not much as high-profile as a plane crash, and no company wants that kind of publicity and press. Plane crashes are, however, extremely rare, and are not the only source of liability that these companies must consider. Particularly on long, cross-country flights, there is always the chance that something could go wrong with one of the passengers. Faced with the chance of being stuck thousands of feet in the air with a distressed passenger, airlines need to be able to make decisions and act quickly.

Unfortunately, American Airlines was reportedly not able to act quickly enough to prevent a wrongful death. According to reports, when passenger Brittany Oswell became violently ill on a plane ride from Hawaii to Dallas, a doctor on board told the flight crew to inform the captain that immediate medical attention was needed, and that the plane should be diverted. However, no such diversion was made, and Brittany stopped breathing. She eventually died after three days while on life support at a local hospital in Dallas.

Now, her family is bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against American Airlines for negligently failing to take proper action that might have saved the young woman.  They are seeking damages in an amount to be determined by the jury for severe emotional distress, anxiety, grief, and sorrow. American Airlines, when reached for comment, noted that it takes the safety of its passengers incredibly seriously, and that it would be looking into the complaint. Brittany Oswell was 25 years old.

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