High Profile Wrongful Death Lawsuit Dismissed.

Sometimes, tragic accidents resulting in death are relatively clear-cut in terms of who is responsible. More often, however, these cases are highly nuanced and open to multiple interpretations. Such cases force judges and lawyers to grapple with questions surrounding morality and fault, within the context of the governing law. These gripping and tragic cases occasionally attract public attention, allowing non-lawyers and non-judges to decide for themselves who is really at fault.

One such case revolves around the death of 18 year old Conrad Roy III, who killed himself by filling up his truck with carbon monoxide in an empty parking lot. Although tragic in its own right, the controversy in this story comes from 22 year old Michelle Carter, who was Roy’s girlfriend at the time. Carter allegedly texted Roy encouragement for committing suicide, going so far as to suggest he get back in the car once he started having second thoughts.

Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter as part of criminal proceedings against her. The state emphasized that Carter should have called the police or Roy’s family instead of encouraging him to continue, while Carter’s attorneys focused on the depressive state of both individuals.

After being convicted, Carter also faced a wrongful death claim from Roy’s family. Although attorneys for both parties have been tight-lipped about the resolution of the civil case, there is at least indication that “dismissal has been stipulated,” likely the result of an out of court settlement agreement.

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