Massive Earthquake Rocks Iran and Pakistan With at Least 38 Dead.

A powerful earthquake caused destruction and death in Iran and Pakistan on Tuesday April 16, at approximately 3:44 PM local time (ET 6:44 AM).

The United States Geological Survey (“USGS”) rated the earthquake at a 7.8 on the Richter scale, while the European-Mediterranean Seismological Agency rated the earthquake a bit lower at 7.5 on the Richter scale. Both agencies estimate that the earthquake lasted approximately 40 seconds, with severe after tremors. Under either reading, this earthquake was powerful enough to cause serious destruction in the region.

The epicenter of the earthquake was approximately 50 miles east of the Iranian city of Khash. Pakistan mobilized its military to provide a rapid response to the Baluchistan region of the country. The emergency responders found collapsed schools, shops and even governmental building in various cities across the region.

According to various reports, a total of 38 wrongful deaths have already been confirmed. Officials in both Iran and Pakistan fear that many more casualties are likely to be found in the coming days, as rubble from collapsed buildings is cleared away. The number of people confirmed to be injured in the quake is already close to 200.

The USGS has issued a statement concerning the earthquake, in which the severe impact area is described as “thinly populated.” That area, however, is home to at least 400,000 people, while 1.7 million more people live in an area that was strongly affected by the earthquake.

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