Sister Of St. Louis DJ and Musician Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Fatal Elevator Accident.

Losing a loved one can be devastating and tragic. Although you are trying to mourn, you may find yourself burdened by medical bills and funeral costs. This can make an already overwhelming time even more traumatic. Fortunately, our Massachusetts wrongful death attorneys are here to help. As a close relative of a wrongful death victim, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. As a general rule, Massachusetts law permits recovery by spouses, children, parents and sometimes siblings.

Sixty-one-year-old Bob Reuter was a well-known musician and radio DJ in St. Louis, Missouri. He hosted his own late night KDHX radio show called “Bob’s Scratchy Records,” and had performed in several local bands during his lifetime. When his sister, Virginia Klein, learned of her brother’s death, she could not believe it. Bob was in good health and Virginia never thought her younger brother would pass at such a young age. That is when she learned that her brother had died in a freak elevator accident.

According to KSDK 5 News, Bob Reuter was moving into a downtown loft on St. Charles Street when the accident occurred. He reached into a dark elevator shaft, hoping to find a light switch or pull string. When he leaned in closer, he fell to his death. The elevator cab was one floor up. According to the lawsuit filed by his sister, the elevator shaft door never should have opened for him.

As a result of the fatal accident, Klein filed a lawsuit against Taylor on Washington LLC, City Photo Group, Inc., Cathy Strobel, Jack Strobel, Robert Jeffrey Edwards and Otis Elevator Company. She is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages.

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