Staten Island, NY Bridge Closure Leading Factor In Pedestrian’s Death.

In 2013, more than 32,000 people were killed in automobile accidents.  Many more were injured.  These accidents were caused by a number of factors, including driver aggression, driver distraction and driver fatigue.  Ultimately, all drivers have a duty to every other driver to operate their motor vehicle with a reasonable degree of care under the circumstances.  When drivers fail to live up to this standard, and a crash results, the consequences can be devastating.  When this happens, you need to call a skilled Boston car accident attorney.

A 77-year-old woman, Valentyna Shevchenko, was killed on July 31, 2014, while attempting to cross a busy intersection.  According to SI Live, authorities had received several complaints from community members weeks before the accident about the dangerous intersection.  Despite the complaints, nothing was done, and this fatal accident resulted.

The already busy intersection was worsened that summer when Staten Island’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority decided to close the northbound Lily Pond entrance ramp onto the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge for construction.  The closed on-ramp created a dangerous situation, where several lanes of traffic from different directions were forced to converge onto the bridge at the same time. 

Allison Payne was driving the vehicle that struck and killed Shevchenko.  Payne has not been criminally charged, and police do not suspect that this is anything more than a tragic accident.  Nevertheless, Shevchenko’s family has filed a lawsuit against Payne and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  The family is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.  Just days after the accident, construction was halted as Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis called on the city to keep the entrance ramp open during all hours.

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