City Pays Portion of Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settlement After Poorly Designed Intersection Contributed to Driver’s Death.

After a tragic accident, a lawsuit is often the last thing on a person’s mind.  This is especially true in the unfortunate instance in which a loved one has died.  A lawsuit, however, is often the only way someone can begin to recover for their loss.  Simply deciding to file a lawsuit isn’t enough either; often choosing who to sue can make all the difference in the world.  This is why most plaintiffs should rely on an experienced personal injury attorney as a person who can help guide them through the complicated litigation process.

Knowing who to sue was a major factor in the amount of money damages recovered by the family of Michael Drake after he tragically died in a car collision.  Drake was stopped at a busy intersection of Route 51 and Darr Road in Rostraver Township, Pennsylvania.  According to, Drake was attempting to turn left onto Darr Road when his car was struck from behind by a van driven by forty-three year-old Michael J. Lapko. Lapko’s car pushed Drake’s car into the intersection and oncoming traffic, causing him to be struck by other vehicles.  The subsequent collisions killed Drake, who was only twenty-years-old at the time.

Drake’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that Lapko was negligent when he failed to stop in time to avoid hitting Drake and pushed him into oncoming traffic.  The Drakes also named the city’s Department of Transportation in the lawsuit, alleging that the poorly-designed nature of the intersection was a contributing factor in their son’s death.  Among the reasons listed were poor design of the intersection, limited sight distance at the intersection, lack of a left-turn lane for Route 51 southbound traffic, and a lack of warning signals.  The lawsuit claims that city officials knew, or should have known, the intersection presented a dangerous condition.  The city offered to pay $1 million in personal injury damages if the family agreed to settle the wrongful death lawsuit, which they ultimately did.

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