Family Of Deceased Detroit G-League Basketball Player Files Lawsuit Against NBA And Detroit Pistons.

Medical personnel hired by professional basketball teams likely have expectations for the kinds of injuries they will see and have to treat, such as sprains, fractures and breaks. However, just because they are working for a sports team does not mean they should not be prepared to give medical attention of all different types and varieties. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to significant monetary relief.  Act now and contact one of our expert personal injury attorneys here at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates to discuss your potential claim. Call our injury lawyer experts today at 617-787-3700 or email us at for your free and private consultation. Your needs are our top priority!

A lawsuit filed by the family of Zeke Upshaw, a professional basketball player playing for a G league affiliate of the Detroit Pistons, claims that the team’s medical staff acted negligently when they did not provide swift and proper medical attention after Zeke collapsed on the floor during a game. According to the family’s attorney, Upshaw was on the ground for a full four minutes before he received any kind of CPR or anything else to clear his airway. The suit further states that the lead team physician left the facility before the game ended, and thus was not available when Upshaw collapsed. Upshaw died two days later. His family is being represented by attorneys Robert Hilliard and Ben Crump of Hilliard & Shadowen LLP of Austin, Texas.

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