Icy Roads Cause Fatal Accident in Montague, Massachusetts.

Icy road conditions caused a fatal car accident in Montague, Massachusetts on January 11, 2014.

The head-on motor vehicle crash occurred at approximately 1:20 AM at the corner of Deerfield and Cheapside Streets in Montague.  The accident killed Greg Ellis, a 31-year-old man from the Turner Falls area.

According to reports, Ellis lost control of his car after he ran into a snowbank while turning left onto Cheapside Street from Deerfield Street.  Ellis’s vehicle then struck a van in the intersection, causing him to sustain serious injuries.  An ambulance responded to the scene of the accident and rushed him to the Baystate Franklin Medical Center emergency room where he died shortly thereafter.

Ellis was a single father and is survived by his young son, Anthony.  Ellis’s close friend, Tim Gochinski, set up an online fund where people can make donations to help the Ellis’s son.  The Website raised more than $5000 in just its first day online.

The Northwestern District Attorney’s Office is currently investigating the crash.  Public safety officials reported 10 car accidents over just an eight hour period encompassing the time of Ellis’s crash. Officials say the high rate of accidents was likely due to the poor weather conditions on that morning alone after the snow melted and froze over, causing the roads to become unsafe.

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