Owner Of New York Construction Crane Accident That Killed Two People In 2008 Is Acquitted Of Manslaughter Charges.

Boston, MA Wrongful Death LawyerJames Lomma, the owner of a New York construction crane that collapsed in 2008 killing two construction workers, was recently acquitted of manslaughter. According to New York authorities, both Lomma and his two construction companies were acquitted of the criminal charges.

At the time of the crane accident, the crane was being used on the 14th floor of what was intended to be a 32-floor building. The top portions of the rig came off. The crane then crashed into a building across the street and fell to the ground. The victim’s included Donald C. Leo, a 30 year-old crane operator and Ramadan Kurtaj, a 27 year-old sewer company employee who was working on the ground when the accident occurred.

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