Parents of Bullied Girl who Committed Suicide File Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

Boston, MA Wrongful Death LawyerAlex Moore, of Chilton County, Alabama, was only 15 years old when she committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge leading into I-65 in May of 2010.  Her parents have now filed a wrongful death lawsuit, claiming that the school failed to remedy or prevent the serious and pervasive bullying that their daughter faced in school every day, which ultimately led her to jump off the bridge.

A twenty-page brief was filed in court against the Chilton County, Alabama Board of Education, claiming that it was the child’s weight and Blout’s disease, a growth disorder, that caused Alex to be the target of other students’ constant bullying.  The brief outlined the outrageous harassment that Alex faced, which was constant and brutal.

Alex’s parents say that her teachers, coaches, staff and administrators all knew about the bullying, but did nothing to address it, respond to it, or stop it.  It is further alleged that they did not support Alex, but rather enabled the bullying by criticizing her for being late as a result of her disabilities and abandoning her while she was being bullied.  The parents say that they hope that this case will prevent future bullying of other students.

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