Settlement Reached After Walmart Truck Accident Results In Death Of Well-Known Comedian.

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Motor vehicle accidents can change lives in a matter of a second. Every day, millions of people drive on American highways and roads. Usually, we make it to our destination safely. But sadly, that is not always the case. Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye; when large trucks are involved in the crash, the results can be even more devastating. Accidents involving large commercial trucks are more likely to be fatal due to the massive size and sheer weight of the truck and its cargo.

The family of James McNair learned of this tragically when they lost their fun-loving relative in a fatal truck accident. McNair, a comedian who went by the name of “Jimmy Mack,” was being driven in a limo bus along with fellow-comedian, Tracy Morgan, and several other companions when the tragic accident occurred. A Walmart truck traveling at 20 mph over the speed limit rear-ended the limo bus, causing substantial injuries. According to initial reports, the Walmart truck driver was nearing his drive time limit, which may have contributed to the crash. Four plaintiffs, including McNair’s family, joined in a lawsuit against Walmart. McNair’s family was represented by lawyers at Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow & McElroy, LLP. Recently, a settlement was reached; however, the exact amount is not being released.

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