Seven Crew Members Arrested In Wake Of South Korean Ferry Disaster.

This past Wednesday, April 16, 2014, a ferry called Sewol was carrying over three hundred passengers and crew to a resort island in the Yellow Sea. An unfortunate series of decisions contributed to the ferry sinking with a high death toll. South Korean officials have now arrested seven members of the crew, including the ferry captain.

In a scene eerily reminiscent of a recent ferry disaster in Italy, a ferry captain of the South Korean ferry, Sewol, was paraded by police in front of television cameras. The captain is accused of negligence, failing to remain with the ship, and multiple other violations of maritime law.

The tragic boating accident began on Wednesday in the Yellow Sea not far from the South Korean coast. A massive ferry boat was carrying hundreds of people, cars and other heavy equipment to a resort island. The vast majority of the passengers were high school students from a single high school near Seoul. The students were on a field trip to the resort island. According to South Korean officials, the boating was going too fast when the navigators attempted a sharp turn, which caused the boat to list. As the boat began to flip, and the crew sent out frantic emergency calls, the captain of the ferry made the decision to delay lowering the life boats and sending the passengers into the water. The captain and most of the crew soon left the ship, leaving hundreds of passengers, mostly children, trapped inside the listing vessel.

The South Korean government has confirmed that 87 people have died, while 215 others remain missing. Given the amount of time that the boat has been underwater, it is becoming less and less likely that any more survivors will be pulled out of the boat. The South Korean Prime Minster has publicly lashed out at the ferry captain and the rest of the crew, calling their actions “akin to murder.” The captain has defended his actions by arguing that the cold water and strong local currents made it inadvisable to send the passengers into the water as the ship listed. The captain and his assistance are expected to stand trial for a variety of serious criminal charges.

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