South African Police Investigating Its Own Officers for Brutal Dragging Wrongful Death.

In a horrific video captured by onlookers this past week, a South African man is seen being dragged by a police truck down a road in a suburb of Johannesburg while he was handcuffed to the back of the police vehicle.

The man later died. The officers responsible for the man’s wrongful death have officially been disarmed and suspended, while South African authorities investigate the incident to determine which criminal charges will be filed against the officers.

The video of the man’s tragic wrongful death has sparked outrage in South Africa, which has seen a rash of police brutality incidents in recent months. The man, wearing a red tee-shirt and white sneakers, is seen arguing with the officers, who proceed to handcuff him to the back of the police vehicle. The officers then get into the police truck and pull away, dragging the man kicking and screaming along the road.

According to the acting South African police minister, the South African Police Service will conduct a speedy investigation and take serious action against those responsible for the man’s wrongful death.

The victim, identified as a Mozambican taxi driver, died this past Tuesday night while being held in a police cell. He was not taken to the hospital to treat his head injuries following the dragging.

The South African Police Service’s investigation into the man’s death is ongoing. It is unclear at this time how many officers were involved in the dragging.

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