Truck Driver Allegedly Browsing Facebook on Cellphone at Time of Fatal Truck Crash.

Juan Espinoza, 33, faces 20 felony charges, including second-degree murder. This was after he allegedly caused a fatal motor vehicle crash on Interstate 8 in Arizona, while using his cellphone to look at scantily clad women on Facebook. 

The trucking accident occurred when Espinoza, who was driving an empty fuel tanker, barreled into three parked police cars and two fire trucks responding to an injury accident on the Interstate.  Arizona Department of Public Safety officer Tim Huffman was killed in the tragic truck accident.  Espinoza was driving at 65 miles per hour at the time. He failed to notice road signs and police officers frantically trying to get his attention, as he headed directly for the accident scene.

Video of the crash from Espinoza’s dashboard camera shows Espinoza reacting to the impact of the crash, while his cellphone is thrown into the air in front of him.  Prosecutors say they do not have footage of Espinoza on his cellphone just before the crash because Espinoza intentionally blocked the camera with his wallet so he couldn’t be seen using his phone.

Espinoza is due in court in December for a hearing in the criminal case.

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