Family of Deceased Man Receives $18 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

One of the most violent and dangerous events than can happen at a work site is an explosion accident or fire.  Many job sites have an abundance of chemicals present.  When chemicals under considerable pressure explode, or flammable materials ignite, the consequences can be devastating for any worker or other resident in the area.  These consequences can range from more minor bodily injury to loss of life, creating severe hardships for explosion accident victims and their families.  If this is your situation, please contact a Boston, MA explosion accident attorney soon.

 On April 11, 2013, Bruce Phipps was working at the Twin Hickory Station, which was a pig launching and receiving station in Tyler County, Ohio.  At approximately 7 P.M., a flash fire and explosion occurred.  Phipps was unable to escape the fire because there was not appropriate signage indicating the exits.  Phipps suffered serious burns and ultimately died at the hospital the following day.

According to, Phipp’s widow filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the estate against Eureka-Hunter Pipeline LLP, Traid Hunter LLC, Transtex Hunter LLC, Magnum Hunter Resources Corp., Apex Pipeline Services Inc., Exterran Energy Solutions LP and Western Oilfields Supply Company Inc.  The lawsuit alleged that Phipp’s death could have been avoided if the defendants would have conducted their operations in a safe and reasonable manner.  The family received a settlement of close to $18 million. This settlement is believed to be one of the largest settlements in Ohio County on behalf of a single family.  Attorney Scott  Blass represented the Phipps family in this lawsuit.

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