Utah Plane Crash Results in Two Fatalities.

Ever since the Wright brothers, flight has been an influential source of entertainment, travel and imagination; however, it also poses great risks.  Small, private aircraft are frequently piloted by those less experienced than typical commercial pilots, which sometimes results in mistakes and catastrophic accidentsPlane accidents have a massive capacity for harm, due to the speeds and heights that accompany flight. The National Transportation Safety Board has reported that, in 2008 alone, there were 1,649 civilian aviation accidents that resulted in 564 deaths.   Plane crashes can easily result in serious injury or the death of everyone aboard, which is why it is crucial that pilots fly only under safe and responsible conditions.

Utah officials are currently investigating what brought about a recent plane crash near Cedar Fort. A small twin-engine jet crashed into a field at around 10 a.m. last week resulting in the death of the pilot and passenger. The two were a married couple from Arizona, Donald L. Baker, 59, and his wife, Dawn Elizabeth Hunter, 55.  Experts are investigating the cause of the crash; according to kutv.com, there has been no confirmed distress signal or radio call from the plane prior to its crash.  The weather is suspected to have been a factor, as it was reportedly snowy and foggy, leading to low visibility and difficult flying conditions.

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