Florida Billionaire Crashes Helicopter In The Bahamas, Killing Attorney Passenger.

A Florida billionaire is being sued after he crashed a helicopter he was not licensed to operate in the Bahamas, killing a prominent tax attorney.

The pilot of the helicopter that went down during a landing attempt at an exclusive golf club in the Bahamas is a billionaire who has made his earnings selling real estate. Although Jeffrey Soffer was licensed to fly fixed-wing aircraft at the time of the crash, he was not licensed to operate helicopters. Despite the fact that there was an experienced helicopter pilot on board at the time of the fatal crash, the billionaire had taken the reigns in order to show off his nearby house and yacht. Soffer flew the helicopter too close to the ground, however, and when they experienced wind turbulence, he lost control of the air craft.

The pilot and four others survived the crash.

The tax attorney’s widow has filed a wrongful death suit against Soffer in the amount of $100 million.

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